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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a financial One-Stop Shop?

Typically you would need multiple professionals to handle your entire financial picture, but Empower Wealth Management can handle everything from your investments, retirement, taxes, and bookkeeping; offering more services, and less stress.

We’re here to empower you to take control of your future and find your version of financial freedom. We are uniquely positioned as tax & financial professionals to help you navigate both worlds.

We will analyze your situation, identify your future goals and put a strategy in place to pursue those goals, all while making decisions to help minimize your tax burden.

What is a financial plan and why do I need one?

Everyone needs a financial plan, no matter what stage your are in.  A financial plan helps you see your current financial picture, discover and clarify your financial goals and gives you the actionable steps needed in order to pursue the life of your dreams. With the help of an advisor, you are able to address every aspect of your financial life, plan around any obstacles that arise and start pursuing the life you desire. Your advisor is your planning partner, educator, and accountability partner along the way.

Our advisors can assist you in your financial needs, including but not limited to: rolling over your 401K or employer sponsored plan, planning & saving for retirement, choosing the best investment model based on your risk, risk management, planning for your children’s college, everyday budgeting, leaving a legacy, etc.

How is Empower Wealth Management compensated for its services?

There are different ways we may get paid based on the services you need from us.

One way, is if you have a specific dollar amount you’re ready to invest, Empower Wealth Management may charge a percentage of the total amount you have invested with us.  This is referred to an assets under management fee.

If you are not ready to invest but are still in need of a plan or help clarifying your financial goals, Empower Wealth Management charges the client a flat fee for helping you establish and pursue your very own unique plan.  We offer options to pay monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually.

There are other methods of how we get paid depending on the service you are provided and the product that fits your needs, these will vary from product to product and will be discussed with you in detail before making any decisions.

What sets Empower Wealth Management apart from other financial advisors?

Empower Wealth Management’s team consists of not only financial advisors, but also CPAs and Enrolled Agents. We are able to incorporate and plan around the current tax laws while helping you pursue your goals.  We pride ourselves on creating tax focused financial plans for our clients.  

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“Let’s work together to put a plan in place to help you meet your goals.”

- Chrystal Adams, Owner/Financial Advisor

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